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Temple Run Game is the most downloaded game ever on android and iOS. Temple run is basically a free running game which is endless. This based was programmed and designed by Keith and Natalia and developed and published by Imange studios.

In this game the player can select a wide range of characters to play as a runner. Game play involves a runner a chaser and coins of different colors. You have to maneuver through various obstacles to collect coins. The game ends when runner is captured by monster after crashing or falling off the temple while jumping.

Temple run 2 hit 4 million downloads in first 4 days of its release. The download tally increased to 50 million in just 13 days of release of temple run 2. This makes it the fastest growing mobile game ever. Temple run also holds the record of most downloaded game with 1 billion downloads of both versions of game.

Temple Run also made Imangi the leading gaming studio in the world. Temple run 3 is also expected to be released in future. Sadly the other games on Imangi do not make it to top charts yet.

You can download temple run 1 & Temple run 2 from Google Play Store.

You can download Temple Run 1 APK from Here.

You can download Temple Run 2 APK from Here

Mobile versions of temple run are really addictive. You can be seen clinging to your mobile phones for hours playing this game. Maneuverability becomes very hard as you run deeper into temple. The runner also starts running at higher pace.

You can also gain more gems and unlock all characters by using hacks of temple run. A simple way is to download Temple Run hack APK. These APK offer you all characters and unlimited number of coins to play the game.

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You can download Temple Run 2 Hack APK

The second version of games has few added changes i.e. better graphic, new environment, new obstacles, special powers of specific characters and many more.

Ohh I forgot to tell you that The Monkey is also bigger than the previous one.

So what are you waiting for, download Temple Run 1 and Temple Run 2 for free and start running, jumping, slide and turn to sides with various characters.


Thank you for your time. Enjoy Temple Run 1 & Temple Run 2 hack for unlimited coins and all characters.

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