How To Hack a Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything


How To Hack a Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything-This article is about how to hack facebook account instantly (2018) in a simple way. before hacking any account you need to keep in mind that some of the friends the Facebook account you want to hack.There is a great number of Ethical Facebook Hackers We got knowledge and information from them and made this guide and use these all steps to hack someone’s Facebook account only for the ethical hacking purpose.You can also given hack a facebook password.You can try more .

Hack a Facebook Account Without Downloading Anything

Before pointing to the steps to hack facebook account ,if you want to understand this then follow these procedures to solve your problems and complexity you are facing to

1. Recover Facebook account –If you have forgotten your facebook password.
2. Delete a Facebook account –this is use to delete a facebook account.
3. report on Facebook — If your account is hacked by someone.
4. Gmail password Recovery — if you have forgotten your email password.

Below is the answer for ” hacking a facebook account ” with the help of it’s all steps one by one .

How to hack Facebook account

open facebook .com and then click on forgot password
Click that ” No longer have access”
Type new e-mail ID.
Then ask trusted contact for help.

Following is the Detailed Explanation of facebook hacking account: These are steps to hack a FB account instantly using forgot password:

These are the steps to be followed to get into somebody’s Facebook account in few minutes.Follow steps and if you face any sophistication just follow the links given below these steps leads you to some other great ways to hack facebook account and even you can have someones facebook account passwords using these software.

step 1: Click forgot Password

Open to hack a facebook account and then click ” “Forgot your password?”

Step 2: Select No Longer access

Reset your password you could find ” No Longer have access to these?” click that

Step 3: Type New Mail ID

Now type your New email ID, conform it and click continue.

Step 4: Ask Friends

Ask your trusted contact for help, now you need your trusted friend on that FB
account to help you, to enter in to the account,then you have to get sectet
code from the Three of their facebook shows in this step, you then try to get
code from those friends to hack this facebook account, get the code and click continue.

Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything

within 24 Hours you will be provided with a new password and hack the account.
use this hack to open your own account if you have forgot your Facebook account password and nothing worked or any type of reason to hack someone’s account , and do not use this for other purposes .

Method 2. Hack a Facebook Password:

there are many methods available to hack facebook account, just peep into the guy PC when he type the FB Password , just kidding , following are some super some super tricks to hack a facebook password.

To Store what your friend type use software on his PC, here free keylogger.
if you need then you can also use some hardware keyloggers like Keyllama,
that will save the facebook password that the targeted guy types.

Method 3: Hack Facebook account online using face Geek
How To Hack a Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything-this is another method called Facebook method to hack someone facebook account. You can visit and then type the user ID of the FB account you are willing to hack.Follow the below steps given steps to hack a FB account using Visit account and then provide the facebook account ID of that targeted buddy.Now you will get the password of the account in only five minutes.


Method 4: How to hack Facebook using Sam Hacker

You can hack facebook account using Sam Hacker in just 5 minutes .you can hack this by just facebook ID of that facebook account that you want to be also can register for this account just by using the email ID.

Hack a Facebook Account using Sam Hacker.

1. visit to the Sam Hacker Site here(, this is the officially website to        hack facebook account.
2. Enter the email ID of that account you are willing to hack.
3. in second minute you will get a report related to hack , you can easily hack
    the FB account you wanted to hack that.

Method 5: Hack Facebook using facebook hackerp

How To Hack a Facebook Account Password Without Downloading Anything-How To Hack a Facebook Account Password Without Downloading is the website ,where you just can click to hack an account,
then it will be redirected to a page.Where you will provide someone facebook profile whom you want to hack then click enter. Follow the instruction , then that person
account will be hacked and you will hacked you will get password.

Other Ways to Hack someone’s Facebook account:


You can also try some online hack for that if there is any problem with some of these.
you check the following online apps to hack gacebook, one of that will definitely work it is also
possiable to work all of tem but some of them are just working.

1. Wonderhowto

( – This website
provides you the detailed content on How to hack someone facebook account and how to be safe and

2. Hack-Facebook

( – Try this online Facebook Hack, It gets the FB
which you want to hack and then starts hacking and it may work.

3. Hackfacebook2015

( – This is one of the viral moving methods to Hack facebook account online for free.

4. Hyper Hacker (

is one of the experts in Facebook hacking, they compromised more than 1000 FB accounts and won lots of Boug bounties.

5. SPYZIE ( is the latest tool in the market to Hack Facebook account.

How to Protect Your Facebook Account
• Don’t use the same e-mail ID for other social Networks.
• Keep security questions very harder, so that nobody could predict.
• How to Change Facebook Password once in two months atleast.
• Keep your passwords very secure, use password managers.