How to create android widget | 5 Top Android Widgets for 2018


Hello guys today I will tell you about how to create android widget We have many Android widgets available for us ever in free but today .I will tell you about some impairment widgets which will help you very much in every time if you are required and concern with.I will explain one by one in just easy and step by step explanation.

These are some best Android Widget for Weather, system monitoring, clock, music and audio control and more. Also learn how to have personal widget with ease.

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Combining a list of five Android widgets for 2017 is the most difficult thing I have ever seen. That is because there are tons of beneficial widgets out there. The selection of this list is based upon its performance, user knowledge, number of download and some other factors.

Best widget for Weathers-Transparent Clock and Weather Widget

This is one of the most downloaded weather widget i have ever seen .Every where it comes in the top list of the weather widgets. Weather widget and transparent clock provides you really important

How to create android widget | 5 Top Android Widgets for 201

Features just like Wife, Internal memory status and some other clocks and the top weather. This is one of the friendly, cool ,  pleasant efficient, beautiful and near to users widgets.

If you want monitoring widget then try Elixir 2

It is easy How to create android widget to customize Elixir 2 in some different styles and shape to show info about one’s system. Elixirs 2 widget can also provide you some complex and difficult information just like number of a system processors at running time , how much RAM is using, the heat means temperature of your system and some other depth important and difficult and complex information are also included which is too much to explain here. It takes some time in the congregation of Elixir 2 therefore users may face some problems and breaks in its running.

Music and Volume Widget-Slider and Music Player remix

This slider provides you with Volume control of almost everything you have in your phone or system. You can also set and adjust the volume of calls at separate level for individual, music and other control with the help of this is possible. The slides can also be customized in different colors. The Fans of the music can also try Music player remix widget. It also enable you to drug music control over some other apps.              

Time and date important -Try Zooper widget

There are some main reason of using Zooper which includes weather forecasting, remaining battery of your phone and calendars and some other along with time and dates. It can suit your needs with the help of micro and macro customization, it is for every android user.

Try Tasker and UCCW if you want to create your own widget

Tasker permits you to create your own personal widget of your choice. Tasker is one of the complex widget and very difficult to use if you are a beginner. If you give time to tasker then you can create a very good and efficient widget. The second one for creating your own widget is UCCW. In the case of UCCW it is different from tasker it is easy to manage and creation.  You can also create a good looking and of differ size widgets in UCCW.

Bonus: Notes widget-Sticky Notes & Google keep

Sticky notes as the name show there will be concern of notes writing. you can create notes of different size with the help of sticky note .It can be sticked to your home too. If you are willing to keep large amount of notes in your phone then you should go for sticky notes. The other reason is that Google allow saving your notes online.  You can also store it on Google drive. You can have list of notes, simple Notes and voice notes also of various length and size. You can share your notes online with your friends and colleges the information of your organization too.

I hope all these important Android widgets will enhance your How to create android widget experience and its performance.

Do not forget to ask if you are facing any kind of problem in our article and we will share some other information for you need.