Hidden Android Settings APK Free Download for Android


Hello, Guys I hope you have listened about Hidden Android Settings APK ,If not then you will be able to have complete information about this ,so we have only few simple steps if you gonna follow this it will be efficient for you.

1:- Hidden Android Settings Android App Download  

Hey guys do sometimes your feel lack of knowledge about your Android Phone .If your answer is yes then come some steps with me. In this article I am going to tell you about the hidden setting of Androids. This App shows you the Hidden Setting of Androids which most of the time hidden from users. This App does not pose any difficulty on the users. You have to download the hidden android settings App and install it on your phone from your SD card. We are very extra ordinarily concerned about the care of the users. That’s why the App is free of any cost. This App developed by the Oalex.what is an APK Oalex provides the latest version of the App with the feature of fast downloading. Click the Link

2:- Developer Options

In most Androids users face difficulty in searching for the Developer Options through the entire setting menus and list of the available setting. Therefore in such cases it proves frustrating for the user’s .But again the care of the user is our first priority. This App avoids you from searching through the large and complex menus of the Androids for the Developer Options. This App is free to download. This hurdle breaking App is developed by uDroid. This App shows only the latest Developer Options which avoid the from time consuming searches of the settings.  LINK

Hidden Android Settings APK Free Download for Android

3:- Secure Setting

Secure Settings is a Locale/Taker compatible plug-in for Android 2.2+.This App you allow you to lock the device’s screen. It offers multiple facilities where user can set the device’s password. This App works very efficiently. But the only important thing is that before doing anything you must first seek permission from the device’s administrator. One of the features of the secure Setting is that it can try to perform action in the tasked to for example turn off the data. Link

4:- Google Admin

Google Admin is one of the user friendly features of the Android which allows you to manage your Google Cloud Account. You can add users ,contact support, logs and groups to your Google Cloud Account and accordingly manage that.Link

It provides you the following features:

User Management Features    (You can add and edit users, suspend, delete users and reset password)

Group Management Features    (You can add and edit Groups, add more members, delete whole Group, view the Group members)

Mobile Device Management    (You can manage Android and iOS devices for you own domain)

Audit Logs    (You can review all the Audit Logs)

Notification    (You can delete viewed notifications once they are read)

3:- Shortcut Master(Lite)

It is a powerful tool for creating, capture, searching….shortcut. it works efficiently to reveal any hidden and conceived shortcut and codes on your device .With the help of Android Setting App create shortcut for any hidden function, file and secret codes like *#*#4636#*#* etc……. Link

Hidden Android Settings APK Free Download for Android

if you want to create short -cut please follow these steps:

1) Find the target by using one of the following tools (under the Menu):

– Secret Code Explorer

– App Explorer

– Search

– Capture Shortcut

2) You can test the target by opening it (Launch button).

3) Create the shortcut in the list (Favorite button) or on the Home screen.

4) OR you can import the shortcut list into your app. Here is some sample shortcut lists for your Convenience.

Activity Launcher

Every of the App reduces user manual work and work itself to give result to the users. Android App launches hidden activities. Together with launching the hidden activities Android App also create shortcuts for the Apps installed on that Android Phone. But this App still lacks some features and Translations. Once again we are ready to help you out. The features and translations are available here:For Link

Hide Notifications

This App simply Hide the notifications away from you. Once you get some leisure time you can open the App and see all the Notifications that were hidden from you. The process is very simple for blocking the notifications From an App which is distracting. The hidden notifications can seen later on.

NOTE: Dear users this App hides the notifications which can be removed with a single swipe but all others cannot be hidden.Link

Hidden Menus

Hidden Android Settings APK-This App supports the secret dial codes. These codes are implemented in the Phone and Contacts applications where they always look for the contacts with the code form like “*#*#[secret code]#*#*”.This program let you list and activate the hidden functionality with simple user interface.Link

Secret Phone Settings

It is the setting of the Android which gives additional an formations which are as follow:

– Now shows Phone Info

– It shows Battery Info

– Together with Info it shows Battery History

– It makes the usage of Statistics

– Furthermore it gives the Information about the Calendar

– It gives both Hardware and software Information’s

– Here gives Wifi information

– It also shows the Specific Option of “Hide Menu” on the device Link

Hidden Settings Pro

Hidden Android Settings APK-Hidden Settings Pro is a FREE App which allows you to access the Hidden Settings of the Android for the user friendly and easy functioning of the device. There are a number of hidden settings which this App can open easily. You do not need to have a rooted phone and no permission is needed. Link

NOTE: The cautions must follow and it is strictly advice that change the setting which you Understand.