How to Hack Someone Facebook Account With Software 2018

How to Hack Someone Facebook Account

How to Hack Someone Facebook Account-Facebook is one of the important parts of our lives. it is the most used social media platform in the is used daily for business purposes and promotions, for networking and friendly communication. Hack into someone facebook account means to get insight into someone id.

And can have all the info and all the personal things that he or she have with hi or her friend and family.So though you can see their secrets that they want to hide from others.So in this article, i will tell you about how to hack into someone Facebook account without their knowledge and information.

3 Ways How to Hack into Someone Facebook Account without Their Knowing

The way of the completion of this article is one of the best and come with a lot of experience.which is vital when is comes with the concept of hacking. There are alot of way to hack someone facebook account but this one is proved the best of so far.Some of them can be perform online using websites for without any cost,and some of them required to have hacking apps. All of these methods have some advantages and also there there are couple of methods to have some one facebook account without their knowledge.

1 . Hack i into someone facebook without them knowledge (software method)

2 .hack into someone facebook account without them knowing ( online method)

3 .how to hack someone facebook account ( menuall method)


How to Hack  someone facebook account without Their knowing ( software method)

Keep the fact in mind that previous mentioned method is extremly is unreilable and unsafe too.I recommand to use source that is completely reliable.when you are performaning to hack some one facebook account you needetrusted possiable.Therefore I recommend you spy apps, this is good one ,have alot of intrinsic built inbecause they have user trusted base. they come with many review and also have tracing footprint , so they are trustworthy. they are intrusted to protect your privacy I would recommend SpyZie to all of the user who want to hack facebook account.It is very reliablesoftware, which is the best in the app market. all this because it come with lot of reviews and technical suuport too.

How to Hack Someone Facebook Account

Keyloggin : It show you all keys being pressed in the targeted phone. means you can find all the keys and password being used

by an indivisual , and then with the help of these passwords you can perform facebook hacking.


  1. Spy All Major Social Apps:

its permit you to be able to see all the actions of almost all major social apps on any targeted phone including Facebook , Whatsapp , and instagram ,Kik , Viber.

3.Capture Screenshots:

this is a very useful feature if someone wishes to know whatever is going on the target phone at any time.

4.Control Penal:

In this when once you access to an online control penal,you can access every aspect of the target’s phone including the social media accounts like facebook and instagram and other personal accounts.once the account is being accessed, you can use that account as that person and send messages and post as them.

  1. Call,Messages,and internet browser logging:

here you call also complete access to all the texts and calls being received or send , and its history of the all the sites which were visited in the phone.

  1. GPS tracking and Geofencing :
  2. with the help of this you can find exact location of the targeted receive a notification if you if someone cross the boundary.


  1. it has a nice set of features . you can spy everything on the targeted mobile or some other devices .

2.This one is completely reliable and safe too.And comes with a good number of reviews. has flexible and reasonable packages ,starting from $7.5 a month. have the opportunity to have 24/7 technical support.

 Cons :

  1. you will install physically th application into a targeted one

but it should be android devices.


How to hack Someone Facebook account using SpyZie:

  1. First register a premium SpyZie account.
  2. As soon as you register for SpyZie account, you will receive a mail for confirmation with your login details.
  3. So you will find a derailed guide in the control penal.
  4. it take some time along with targeted phone.
  5. access you own control panel , and now hack it away.

if you have any questions related to SpyZie or its working you can ask. if you do not find your answer you can comment and tag too.i will definitely give you answer and solve your problem.


Part 2: How to Hack someone Facebook account without their knowledge (online method)


For hack online i would suggest you Hyper-Cracker which is a best option if you wishes to hack into someone Facebook account without their knowledge for online method.This all need that you have to enter a website for facebook or any type of hacking.All the work will be done by Team that operation the site and show the password within a few minutes.Because you are only inputting the Facebook ID and not doing the actual hacking. THere is no way to trace the hack back to you, and you are not in any way legally liable for it.


  1. it is a efficient , quick and hassle -free method by which to hack into someone’s Facebook account.

2.It is free of cost that means any one can use it easily and there is no prohibition on anybody.

  1. For this you are not required to install third party apps for it.

4.And It is not neccesary to be near a targeted phone to do it.

  1. It is completely safe and non-traceable.

6.After you get a password , So it is up to you what you do with it.


  1. the source is not reliable and untrustworthy.
  2. there is no social footprint for the source. It hacks good and bad points because it is secretive. it is bad because you do not know if you can trust it.
  1. it has no reliable review, it has only internal testimonials.


How to hack into Someone’s Facebook account Without their knowing using

Hyper-Cracker :

  1. Scroll down the Website and then click on the “Hack now online” button.
  2. then enter Facebook URL of the targeted account which begins with HTTP://.
  3. Then click on the ” Hack this Facebook Account Now” button.
  4. within a moment the site will generate the password .which is further used

to hack it.

Part 3: How to Hack Someone Facebook Account without Their knowledge knowing (Manual Method )


If you do not want to risk installing it into someone phone, then you can try touse other methods is completely legal means of hacking into Facebook account which usesthe system built in by facebook againest itself . 


1 . efficient and quick one .

2 .for this you do not need to download any apps, don’t need to relay on external shady websites.

3 . free of cost completely .

4 . completely safe and reliavle .



1 .you need targeted facebook ID and email to do this .

2 .you need to access the targeted email and their phone .

3 .the targeted person may find that they are hacked .if not immediately then eventually.

4 .your ID can be traced if the target person is skilled and experience .


How to hack into someone account using  ”  Forgoy Password ” method :


1 . First access Facebook and then ” Forgot Password ” option.

2 .you will now have to enter targeted email address , Full name , phone number or also facebook username .

3 .then decide if you you want to reset password  using a phone call number, text messages or mail method.

4 .When you get the recovery code from whatever method you ch9ose , you can enter it in the next page.

5 .Then you can enter a new password of your own choice .

6 .in the next Option ,their you have option log out of all other devices.if you want to block out the target person then go ahead and log out.but if you want to spent some time there then select to stay “logged in”. you can change all details of the targeted account like user name and passwords to make it impossible for the targeted person to regain its account.


Part 4: Q&A

which is the best method to hack into someone’s Facebook account without them knowing?

Every method mentioned above has its pros and cons.the most discreet method of hacking into a Facebook account is  the online solution in part 1 but it is very unreliable and ineffective method sometimes.So you should not risk it at all.As compare to it the method of “Forget Password” mentioned in part 3 is effective but the account owner is let to know that his account is being hacked if the method is not carried outimmediatly.So keeping all these in mind the best method left to hack someone’s Facebook account without them knowing is Spyzie.this is because it maintains your discretion and is a professional spy app thus finally making Spyzie the most effective method for hacking into someone’s Facebook account.

what is the use of hacking into someone’s Facebook account?

There can be a lot of reasons for you to hack into someone’s Facebook account.parents can protect their kids from the internet threats like catfishing,sexting,cyber building etc which is of great advantage in its is worth mentioning that you can also can an eye on your spouse if you are being can also be used by the company manager to keep a secret eye on employers to not let them do their private work in company times.


Is it legal to hack someone’s Facebook account?

The method is legal or not depends on the purpose. if you are a parent,keeping an eye on kids or a manager who needs to keep an eye on the employers then the method is legal.However you must know the terms and laws about hacking accounts and account privacy.

So finally you know every method of hacking into someone’s facebook account without them knowing and now the decision is on you to choose any of the methods easy for you. We personally recommend you to use Spyzie method.Using one or the another but must let us know about the most used method below in comments as we will be looking for your opoinions.So do not forget to comment!