How to Download WhatsApp Sniffer on Android Free [LATEST]


Hello friends,today I am going to tell you a trick about Download WhatsApp Sniffer App. Now you can hack any whatsapp account or group with the help of Sniffer on Android and it’s free download.This app provide users to go into someone else whats App secrets messages and you can also view all chat history and can delete it from the targeted person account.Read this before going ahead WhatsApp Hacking Tools.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer apk?
As you know WhatsApp Sniffer is an Android Application which allow it’s users to monitor and spy their targeted or victim’s WhatsApp account.And all the other activities like Sharing, Chatting,texting and group chatting and many more.This app is specially for android user they can take advantage of this apps.If your Android phone is rooted then it is easy to use WhatsApp sniffer.or if your the android phone is not rooted then it is not possible to use that. Whatsapp Sniffer is less in size to install and download. This one is light Weighted Android app which is really good to spy on someone’s whats App activity.

How to Download WhatsApp Sniffer on Android Free [LATEST]

WhatsApp Sniffer Free Download
Download WhatsApp Sniffer-The main point to be kept in mind is that it is very important for the user and the victim to be in a same phase of the network to apply sniffer.It means that you have to be around in touch to your victim. For this, you can say to your victim to have wifi network of yours and then you can take full advantage of that. WhatsApp Sniffer needs a connection between you and your victim to you.Otherwise you can also use your own method to connect your victim to you or to connect both of you to any other external connection such as the same WiFi connection.

Features of WhatsApp Sniffer
WhatsApp Sniffer is free of cost.
You can Remove or Delete your victim’s WhatsApp messages.
Then read the complete conversation of your victim.
It is possible to read Group Conversation.
You can view all the messages that comes to your victim whats App number.
Send and received messages can be viewed.
You can match phone numbers that have been hacked.
Requirements for WhatsApp Sniffer Download
Download Android WhatsApp Sniffer from here
Rooted Android Smartphone
Both of them should be connected to same WIFI network.

This method is very easy and simple and I hope you all will also find that following steps easy too.So you can hack any whatsapp account with the help of Sniffer on Android phone.Follow these steps

How to hack WhatsApp Chat History Free

1. First download and install WhatsApp Sniffer app on your android rooted phone from the link given here
2.Then open WhatsApp Sniffer app.
3.It will ask for Root Permission and click this.
4.Now you have the home page of the Sniffer.
5.Then find the account you want to hack and you are ready to blast.

Now you have done with this and you are able to see all the activities of this account. All the secrets that he have made with his friend and relatives.You can spy all the important information too which he don’t to reveal.

I hope this Application about Download WhatsApp Sniffer will help you very much.If you have any question related to this topic Download WhatsApp Sniffer then you can ask me we will try to solve you issue and do not forget to share with your friends.