[LATEST] Download Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps For 2018


Hello Guys in this article is completely about Android Hacking Apps -Today Android users can modify by digging deeper into Android OS with the help of Android Hacking applications available on Google Play store. Android users can access hidden features of Android Os by these simple hacking apps. 

These types of ethical hacking tools were developed for programmers to manipulate android to their own desire. In this a article we will share top 10 best android hacking apps and tools for 2018.

Download Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps For 2018

Note: These hacks only work on rooted android devices. Root your device on your own risk. Rooting will nullify the warranty of your phone.
Here are 10 best Android Hacking tools and applications for your android device in 2018 read this before going ahead How to Hack Android Games Without Rooting Your Phone 

Namp For Android
You can use Namp to find system details and ports on any network your are connected too. It works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices. In general it is to a simple network exploration tool. You can also use network discovery android application to keep an eye on all the network details of your currently connected network.

You can use Faceniff to find passwords of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, eBay, Amazon and many more accounts of other users on same network. This application is paid but you can always find a crack version of FaceNiff. You can also use DroidSniff application for same purpose.

Denail of Service (DOS) attack takes down servers to complete shutdown of services. The principle of DOS attack is to flood the server with fake Http request until it crashes. You can do this from your own android devices by using hacking app AnDoSid.

Download Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps For 2018

This one is best for remote uses.AndroRat application gives you ability to manipulate any device remotely. You can retrieve information and perform other task remotely using AndroRAT hacking app.

Spoof app allows you to call others by changing your caller ID to any desired number. Spoof app also allows you to change voice and record your calls. This is defiantly one of the most fun applications for your android phone. Sadly, the application comes with in app purchases.

Whatsapp sniffer
Whatsapp sniffer can sniff whatsapp chats, videos, audio and graphics sent to anyone on your own WiFi network. This simple hacking tool also retrieve information of whatsapp accounts on same network.

This app is the top notorious app developed by Zimperium that have many of downloads. This app is used for the penetration of WIFI network or security assessment. But on the other hand, hundred of the

Users do the wifi hacking which is illegal activity to use this app. With the help of this app you can control Smartphone and tablets devices who connected to the same wifi as you. And you can also prank with your class fallow and friends and redirect to particular URL link and upload images to his screen and more.

APK Inspector
Guys to use this software you can have the code of android apps.Do you want to know code of any android application? If yes, then APKinspector is a great hacking tool for your android device.Here you can simply reverse engineer any android application using APK inspector. You can have complete access to source code. You can also edit source code to remove in app purchases, ads and many other things.

Network Spoofer
This app is best for security testing tools for your android phone.Network Snooper is used
to change websites on someone other computers from your android based smartphone.
This is not exactly penetration testing tools, But it still show you that how much it is
difficult to hack a network with the android use.

Evil Operator
This app allows you to connect two people over a single call while both of them thinks that the other one called him. This will create a fun scenario. You can also record this call. You can also record this call.You can also record this call.You can also record this call. Read more: How To Block Youtube ads on android without root

WiFi Kill
This one is possibly used for the protection of your Wifi that people especially the neighbor use without permission.Is your WiFi over crowded? If so, you can use WiFi kill to block internet access to all other devices on same network. You can also perform this task using WPS Connect app. WPS connect app also allow you to connect to any password protected WiFi.

Network Discovery
This is a very cool and simple app which don’t need root access for it’s function.
So you have the opportunity to use this amazing app on android phone to keep track
of all the network details that your Android is currently connected to.

Droid sheep And Droid Sheep Guard
Droidsheep is a security analysis tool for wireless networks. It also allows you to sniff details of social media accounts on same network. You can take it to another level by using Droidsheep Guard. Droidsheep Guard helps you to hack social media sessions on same network with just a single click. You can hijack and other seems helpless about their situation.

I hope these top 10 android hacking apps and tools will help you in one way or another in 2018.
Thank you for your time don’t forget to comment about your favorite android hacking application and tools. We will provide more information about all these mentioned information.thanks for your time .