Best Video Downloader App For Android 2018


Hello today we will discuss about Best Video Downloader App for Android 2018. In this article so if you want to understand it completely please read it till the end? As you know everyone wants and like to listen songs and programs accounting to individual taste. Or some time you need and like to hack some videos that can be anything specially songs to funny video. And he likes to have that store in his mobile phone too. So you do not need to use the internet all the time. It is also possible that you do not have packages every time. So if you are also facing and fulfill you’re this requirement then no need to worry because I am going to tell you about some special application that will help you to Best Video Downloader App for Android download the videos.

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Now you can have all your videos in you cell phone and can use at every time and everywhere you want. In this article we will provide the link from where you can download these apps. And then install it on your mobile phone. For this you must have a Gmail account to download it. You can’t download it directly without Gmail account. In the run of the technology world everyone have the Gmail account otherwise he cannot use the app too or other application.

Best Video Downloader App for Android 2018

Following are the Best Video Downloading Apps for Android:

#1: YouTube Go:

This app is the latest development of YouTube Go and launched just few months ago. For the beginning of the YouTube Go people started using it greatly. Now you can stream YouTube videos and download these videos according to your wishes. The step finished the third party client and now you can download it directly form YouTube. And you can download the videos with two formats namely Basic and the Standard Quality. But unfortunately the support for HD is absent in this App, the 1080 resolution videos now.



Like others sharing applications this one is counterparts because of the sharing features. And you can share the videos you have downloaded before with your friends. It is still in development process and the developer is bringing update on the basis of the period. So you will have more and more feature with the latest technology. It was launched in India AS the beta version. And it highly using throughout the world. here you can download


#2:  Vidmate:

It is one of the free video downloading applications and is well feature. Let me tell you that I am using these apps personally whenever I download videos from the YouTube. It provides more options. The main reason for this one to that you can download HD videos. You can download videos from other social media application like face book the largest social media software and platform. You can also have free download of the videos and daily motion through Vidmate with more and more option including high resolution which was not provided by the YouTube Go as I explained before. With the help of these apps you can stream online videos if you are required with.TV series and Anime can also be downloaded with this best application. 



As you all are familiar that Hollywood and Bollywood and the Russian film industries songs are watched tremendously throughout the world. You can also download Whole Movies through this app. Here you can download it.

#3:  Videoder:

This app is almost similar to the Vidmate as explained. You can have different music and videos you want to listen online or want to download from different social media like Face book, YouTube and dailymotion etc. Vimeo and Instagram is also included in the list of the social media channels. It support almost more than 20 online streaming websites which is enough for anyone to have different kind of videos.


This is one of the sites that is able to support Streaming and downloading of all videos in different formats including HD, FHD, UHD which is more than enough for the users. You can also have the converter feature in this app Videos file to Audio and vice versa. This app is available in Google play store, download the APK file and install in your mobile and enjoy downloading free videos. link

Best Video Downloader App for Android 2018

#4:  Snap Tube:

Snap Tube is also used for downloading videos. It is full-fledged to have videos. You do not need to worry about this app because it is available for free no need to purchased. It also works for the downloading of videos for free and safe. You could discover news videos, music file etc. It got universal searching scans for most of the popular and well known sites.


It is multifunctional because you can download different files at the same time. this can support multiple resolution including QHD and UHD.  you can Download

#5: Android Video Downloader:



Android Video Downloader is one the well known user friendly app to download videos on your Smartphone without any thing difficult. It has earned a good name with the popular install strength of over 5 million. User should not worry about the resolution of the  file and you can download many resolution formats including Hd,1080p & 4kvideos.This app helps you to download videos from most of the websites  but dear you it does not support YouTube videos. No matter you can go for other alternative websites which share videos and this app support those videos. It also helps you download videos with the help of its built in browser which is irrespective of quality. The clean user interface and good looking show makes it unique like something really special among swamps of apps. But the only shortcoming of this app is that it cannot download videos from YouTube. Nothing is 100 % perfect but with all its other features it stands like a master piece and is highly professional app.

Best Video Downloader App for Android 2018

The only thing which makes this app special is the features of this app which are accordingly

Mentioned below:

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Have a built-in Android Browser
  3. Flash Videos supported

4 Real time and highly responsive progress Pop-up for downloading videos on Android

  1. Most precisely all everything is for free link


#6 : Free video downloader:

The short for free video downloader is (FVD) is the app for video downloading. This is highly used throughout the world. This is free of cost too. This one is very speedy and you can download video in a less time as compare to other. This one is good in downloading and you can have HD as well as others. This is freely available in Google play store .You can select Video format before downloading any Videos.




As the name shows that it is completely free of cost. But due to some legal issue. Over 10 million users are not wrong. Let you know the progress the downloading videos. You can quickly download multiple files at once. Resume supported while downloading. Packed with the powerful browser. Many other browsers supported link

I hope it will be useful for you to Best Video Downloader App for Android to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and instagram etc.

If you want ask or discuss any about this article then Here I am to solve that.