6 Best Android Strategy Games 2018


Hello Guys today you will be informed about Android Strategy Games is loved for its wide variety of free games. In Google Play Store you can find tons of games in each genre. In this article I am sharing best Android strategy games for 2017. Most of these games are free to install with app purchases.Click To Know About   Download Temple Run Game Free Unlimited Hacked APK

So here is the list of Strategy games available on Google Play store.

6 Best Android Strategy Games 2018

Enemy Within

Enemy Within android game is a project of X COM. In Enemy Within the players are the last source of defense of planet Earth against aliens trying to take over world control. A player have to deploy troops to fights off aliens and to free the specific places from alien abduction. During course of play you have to use tactics to develop your own head quarter and use this to reverse engineer alien technology in the game. Overall it is recommended for its good strategic game play and graphics.

Door Kickers

Have you ever dream about leading a SWAT team? If you do then this game is the one for you. Door Kicker puts you in leading position of a SWAT team with strategic missions like busting a drug deal or clearing hostage situations. Read this Android Hacking Apps.You can draw paths for your team to follow in real time. During action you can pause the game and draw new paths to change the strategy to suit your best interest. We recommend Door Kicker for its unique game play. Strategy game lovers will surely fall in love with this game.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale game play is a unique mixture of offence and defense in short 3 minutes rounds. A single mistake can cost you the match. This witty game play makes it one of the best strategy games for android. The game is free to install with some in app purchases. Luckily they are not overly aggressive with their in app purchase approach.Read before going ahead click here
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Legends Of Callasia

Legends Of Callasia is an android strategy game launched by Boomzap. It circles around keeping your grip tighter on your 100 kingdoms with the help of your heroes. You have to allocate one action per turn to each hero to establish/rebuild city structures, moving from one place to another, keeping control of your own area and fighting against enemy on border lines of your territory. Sadly you have to pay $15 to play the full version of Legends of Callasia with all 30 campaigns, maps and full spread of heroes for each of your factions. Free version only offer 3 campaigns for each faction and fewer number of maps.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc game play is based on destroying the world rather than fighting against enemies. Game play involves the evolution of disease spreading in the world by the player. Disease will become more resistant, lethal and spread over every part of the world. In app purchases allows you to use new type of diseases.

Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution improves the graphics in this new edition of the game. Game involves you as a leader of a civilization growing in numbers. You have to decide the fate of your people by keeping them safe from rival groups, developing new technology and increasing the limits of your territory. You can win over your rivals with supremacy in technology, culture or direct warfare. here can start a longer campaign which starts from Stonehenge and end up in current time.

I hope You would like and understand all this without any issue. We will try to write more about this in coming articles with something special for you.If you have any question or suggestion related to this article please comment will solve your problems definitely.