5 Best Android File Transfer Apps


Every now and then we need to transfer files between android and other devices. You can now use apps to do this simple task of transferring data faster than ever before. Below I compile a small list of 5 best android file transfer apps.

You can use these methods to transfer files from one android to another android or from pc to android or the other way round. Some of them require WiFi and some work offline.

Cloud Storage to transfer Files

It might sound strange but it is one the most efficient way to transfer data from one device to another. It will just take few minutes to upload your data on any could storage service (Google drive, One drive, Mega and many more) and you can download it on any device. This is the best way to keep your data safe, available and shareable. 

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You can also make your own PC your cloud storage device by using Sync by BitTorrent. You can pair as many devices as you like with your PC and can directly send files without any cloud involvement in this process. All these services are totally free.

5 Best Android File Transfer Apps

Air Droid

Air Droid will help you to pair your device with your computer to transfer files from one device to another. It can also be used to get notification, messages of your mobile on screen of your PC. You can also use most applications on your mobile through your PC with Air droid if your mobile is rooted. You don’t need to connect your device to your computer for all this.

Solid Explorer

Solid explorer allows you to download files from internet in addition to smooth browsing within your device. It also offers cloud storage and chromecast support. There are many useful foot tools available in solid explorer. You can try it for free but you have to pay $2.99 to enjoy its services in long run.

Super beam

Super Beam is one the coolest application to transfer files between two devices using WiFi. You can pair your devices by using NFC or Qr code. It can also use web interface of Super Beam if you don’t want to use its app for file transfer. Here can browser and choose the right directory to save your files without worrying about duplicate files. It can also transfer files via hotspot and use existing WiFi connection if direct WiFi is failed. You can share huge amount of files within few minutes with Super Beam. Its, fast convenient and user friendly file transfer app for android.

Share It

Share It is the world fastest file transfer android application. It is better than Xender and other competitors. You don’t have to worry about connecting your phone or internet while using Share It. The transfer rate of share it is almost 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. With more than 100 million downloads on Google Play share it is one the most used file transferring app. You can transfer files from your android, iPhone to your mac or windows PC with share it.

We only share 5 best android file transfer apps in this list. There are tons of other file transferring apps out there to explore. But we recommend the above mentioned ways to transfer your files from android to pc or pc to android.

Don’t forget to comment your favorite android file transferring app.