5 Best Android Emulator Mac | How to Run Android Apps on Mac

Android emulator

Android Emulator Mac Many people want to run android games and applications on their Mac. For this purpose we recommend using android emulator. Android Emulator’s enables you to run android games and application on your Mac. Here we will share top 5 best android emulators for you Mac.

Here is the list of best android emulators for Mac  users


BlueStack is by far one the most downloaded Android Emulator for Mac operating system. It is parented by the famous companies like Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm. Mac users can play graphic intense games with best quality using Bluestack because of layercake technology. Currently BlueStack claims to have more than 130 million users which are increasing day by day.


You can use GenyMotion Android Emulator with ease On you Mac with Mac OSX version 10.8 or higher. This emulator is best for testing android application on Mac. The emulator design Is kept simple. It is also user friendly android emulator. Genymotion also gives you free personal license. Their customer support is also very good and helpful. GenyMotion claims to have 4 million active users and the number is growing day by day. Genymotion is defiantly worth trying.

Droid 4X

Droid 4X android emulator for Mac is recommend as the best android gaming emulator for Mac users. The best part of Droid 4X is its keyboard integration which gives best gaming experience. Droid 4X also works with low Mac OS and hardware compatibility is also not an issue. You can simply drag and drop android applications APK files to install. User friendly design is easy to learn and gives ultimate gaming experience.

Andy Or Android Emulator

Android Emulator is one the most trending android emulators for Mac users. It works with almost every Mac OSX and hardware specifications are not an issue for installing Andy Emulator. You can also turn your mobile in to a controller for your games. This will enhance you gaming experience.

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Customer support is quick and efficient. Andy takes your android app installation experience surely to next level.

You Wave

You Wave is a paid Android Emulator for Mac user. The small amount you spend on You Wave Emulator worth it because of its easy to use interface. Even an eight year old can install android applications on Mac using You Wave. You can operate app and view app directory simultaneously in You Wave. You can import previously downloaded apps from the interface of You wave. To install and APK you just need to place them in players folder. You can customize control and set volume options also.

I hope these top 5 android emulators for mac users help you with your android gaming and app experience.

Don’t forget to mention you favorite Android emulator for mac and windows in comments.