[LATEST] AndroRat APK Free Download Full Version 2018


Hello Guys today we will inform you about the ANdrorat APK. What is the meaning and purpose of Androrat APK and how it is use in practical life.And We will also tell about the working of the Androrat APK. All the feature of the Androrat APK need to be describe. Some of you may have the idea of ANdrorat APK and other information about it.You can say that the androrat is one of the best Client or Server based application which is created in JAVA for Android devices,It is specially for the Client Side not for the server side.If you keep glance on the Word androrat it contain two side one is Android and the second is RAT(Remote Access Tool).You can control your
ANdroid mobile remotely with a computer with the help of AndroRat. Read this article info
hidden android setting APK 

AndroRat APK Free Download Full Version 2018

Now you can hack any android mobile with the help of ANdroRat and can have the access of that mobile or other devices For example Call Logs, Contact List, Browser History Even the entry to the Gallery.This you can use the Camera of the Targeted mobile Phone which is been hacked. After the control of the targeted mobile you can have the snap of that person who use that hacked mobile.With the help of Androrat you can receive and send messages to the call record.You can have all information about all the activity that person perform in his mobile.


component of ANdrorat AKP :

  • you can see contacts Info on the Device which hacked.
  • check call log history.
  • Using APK you can monitor conversation and messages too.
  • using GPS you can check the location of the targeted device.
  • you can check Browser history.
  • You can receive Texts live.
  • Monitor Phone live.
  • You can take a photo from the camera of Device.
  • Using microphone you can listen sound.
  • you can play and watch vedioes.
  • Do Toast.
  • Can Send Texts.
  • Can make a call.
  • Any Browser can run.
  • Check the Installed Applications.
  • Vibrate the phone.

So These are all the features or components of Androrat APK and you may like .What is an APK and How is it Installed[complete Guide]….So you can hack any Android mobile using Androrat of any buddy. you can control some one device with androrat but black hat hackers use it to get the secrets data which may be very serious in case of military of any country.

AndroRat APK Free Download Full Version 2018

Note: Hacking is an illegal act We share all there information only for education purposes.You can keep yourself safe and secure with the help and knowledge of all these apps or tools.So You are responsible for all your activity related to hacking so I Personally advice you to use it for security purposes and can give safety to someone’s company too.I you need the other basic information like how to hack someone mobile phone using androrat apk.
I hope this article will help you very much and useful in the solution of complex problems.If you have any problem or any advice related to this Article you can comment We will definitely Answer you.