Best Android Secrets And Hacks For Everyone 2018


Hello guys Today I will tell you about Android Secrets And Hacks basic and mostly used hacking Tips and tricks with the help of these tips and tricks you can find some awesome features.Today mostly using OS is Android operating system worldwide. It is been seen that that Android family is increasing very rapidly day by day.

Here I will share some important teachers of android users. This all will Improve users experience and will make your android smart more smarter than ever before.

So here are top 10 Android Secrets And Hacks of 2018

It allows playing which is placed in your PC on your Tablet or Android phones. That surely will make you useful applications and widgets while enjoying music.

  1. OpenSeMe

It will make you to open you garage door from your mobile or phone. This Application is fairly safe and simple with encryption through pin verification the door will be open on request or demand.

  1. Block Ads in applications

This same thing can be done by using an application called Lucky pitcher or rooting. Lucky pitcher mainly used for the hacking of Android games and applications to avoid ads and its apps purchased.

  1. APK

Google delete tons on daily basis from their application store . almost all of the application are useful related to this. If you get some problems in finding an application in play store then try to find then in Google by searching its name in Google App+ APK file. And then Install this APK file to have your favorite apps.This one is mostly using for hacking and have a great number of users daily basis.According to one estimation that round about one lac user use it on daily basis.

Android Games Hacks Without Rooting Your Phone

It can also installed and android powered devices also just as the installation of software on your PC. Incase when users install or download an application of android from either an official sources such as Google play or from other sites. Users or Developer can also install APK file directly to a device which not downloaded from the network through computer using a communication program such as ADB , or within a file manager app in a process known slide loading.

  1. Type without touching your phone

Flagship mobiles offer gesture typing straight out of the box. Now you can enjoy gesture typing on old Android Devices with the help of an application ehich is the SlideIt free keyboard.This feature is of the best which make it unique from others and give birth to other best features.

top 10 Android Secrets And Hacks of 2018

  1. Locate your phone with device manager.

Now you can easily locate your lost or stolen phones or any lost device. Safety can also be insure by changing your security pin. One can also delete own data from own android device by using device manager.

  1. Guest mode on android phone. Really! Is that true.

Yes, of course it is now possible with the new LG Android phone. This task can also done by using Guest mode android applications. This will ensure the safety of your phone in case when someone lends your phone. Guest mode helps the owner to allow users to have access to certain applications.

  1. Unblock sites blocked by ISP providers.

Here mobile VPN applications let you unblock any of your websites. In such cases you Can also use browsers like TOR and UC browser to unblock any of your websites being Blocked by ISP provider.

  1. Trytotally New Interface.

Launchers let you change icons, themes and notification drawer style. You can download Launcher apps for free from Google Play store.The changing of Theme and icon are the two best uses and which attract the users to itself.I have personally used it many time it really works easy and best.

  1. How can I connect my mobile to TV/LCD?

You can connect your phone to your TV/LCD by using HDMI cable. Most of your phones Support micro HDMI and in turn you can connect this Micro HDMI to your TV. And no need to get worry in case if your phone does not support micro HDMI because you can still Use MHL adapters to connect your phone to LCD to enjoy bigger screens.