All information About Android Pay – What Is Android Pay


Hello there we are going to inform you today about android pay. I hope you have listened this term before but if you have not understood that completely then this article can fulfill your needs .Google wallet never makes it to the priority list of users like most Google Products. Google wallet now limits its service to resemble PayPal. But you ever wondered what happened to Mobile payments part of Google Wallet. Is it still there? Yes is it, but with a different name. Now most people know it as “Android Pay”.  Read this before going ahead 6 Best Android Root Apps

How Android Pay Works?

Don’t worry this post will answer all queries about it. What are the Major differences between both Android Pay, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay? You can use Samsung pay on any POS system which allows you to swipe your card. Unlike Samsung pay, Android and Apple pay works via NFC chip and you can only use these services with partnered retailers.  

How I can setup Android Pay?

Following steps will allow you to setup Android pay.

  1. Search it application on store and install it.
  2. Check if your bank supports it service. If yes, then follow next step to setup it.
  3. Open Android pay application and click add.
  4. You can add credit, debit, gift cards. You can also see some already added cards if you bought
    anything through Google in past.
  5. Take a picture of your card to add it to pay.
  6. Your Android Pay is ready to use.

Android Pay is Safe or Not

It is a safar than other cards and easier to use.itservice offers complete privacy and security. They use 16 digit tokens during transactions which ensure your credit card credentials safety. There are back up numbers for offline use also. These numbers are impossible to retrieve read android secrets .

The best part is your payment will only go through when your phone is unlocked. So pin/pattern or finger print scanner of your phone ensures further safety. So it meets a good level of security which is better than any other method because of multiple level security checks.

Drawbacks of Android Pay

 pay in specific and mobile payments in general is a new technology, so there are many draws backs and limitations in using it Most major drawback is major stores like Walmart does not accept mobile pay at all. Other famous food chains are also not accepting Android Pay payments.The best practice is to look at android pay partner on their official website.
Sadly you will find only few of them around you. But the list is growing every day with many major brands signing up. Some major that brands supporting Android pay are McDonalds, Walgreen, Staples, Panera, American Eagle Outfitters and Express,

Hopefully partners list will increase to all major and minor brands in few years. But in present times the service is not recommended as an alternative of plastic cards and real cash in hand. I hope you understand what is it how it works and its limitations and drawbacks. Thanks for your time. Please comment to share your it experience with us. Also comment you best mobile payment service for 2018.