Download Top 5 Android Health And Fitness Apps 2018


Android Health And Fitness Apps | Helps its users to improve their fitness to live a healthy life in various ways. One way is keeping them update with their health and fitness regime with Android Health Apps and Widgets. These apps and widgets tell you about your calories intake, calories burned, diet charts and specific exercise routine.  Let’s take a look at best Android Fitness and health hacks

How Much Calories You Eat? Do You Want to Know?  Here Is an Android App for You.

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Keeping Track on your calories intake help you to improve health and fitness. MyFitnessPal is an Android free app to know how healthy you are eating. It helps you to track how much calories you are eating, and how healthy your diet is. MyFitnessPal also helps you to create a custom exercise plan to suit you fitness level. MyFitnessPal and tons of other health services are working in collaboration. This makes it one of the biggest health app for android users worldwide.

Note: You can use Calories Counter Pro Application to scan barcodes of food products to find calories.

Do you want to improve Your Performance in competitive sports?

Google Fit

Google Fit helps you to improve your fitness by providing stats. It reaches the summit in health apps android category since their launch in Oct. 2014. Google Fit collaborates with other famous health apps and wearable like Xiaomi Mi brand, Life sum and MyFitnessPal and many more. This app is good source of information for competitive athletes to improve their performance.

Download Top 5 Android Health And Fitness Apps 2017

Want to know what’s wrong with your health and fitness?

ITriage Health

ITriage Health application helps you with your health problems. The app will give you a general idea about your health problem when you can search symptoms of your problem. You can also find clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms nearest to your GPS location. This app is not for daily use but worth keeping in case of traveling or any health issue. This app is totally free.

Do you want a single health app for everything? Then here is the one for you.


Lifesum is like a personal coach telling you to do certain things at specific times to improve your health and fitness.The Lifesum collaborates with Google Fit and S Health to provide stats and analysis of the food you are eating. It also supports android wears. The app is free to download with in app purchases.

Need a Trainer for your health and fitness? There is an android app for you.

My Trainer Diet Fitness Workout

Download and follow My Trainer Diet Fitness Workout to lose or gain weight. This app helps you to improve your health status by providing best exercise routines to reach perfect BMI. You can also choose workout plans of your own choice. The app is totally free without any in app purchases. So instead of hiring an expensive trainer download My Trainer Diet Fitness workout application.

I hope all these top 5 Android Health and Fitness Apps will help you to live a healthy life.

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