Best Android Battery Hacks To Extend Battery Life 2018



Android Battery-Hacks  Everyone looks for a smartphone with long-lasting battery life. But most batteries could not stand the extensive use over long period of time and wear down to last only a few hours in few months. Here I am sharing some Android battery hacks to make sure your battery last a full day of extensive use and remain the same over a long period of time.

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Here is the list of Best Android Battery hacks of 2017.

 Save Battery With Help Of AMOLED Display

Most flagship phones are using AMOLED displays now. In AMOLED screen each pixel emits its own light which means black parts are not emitting any light and not using any battery. You can take this concept by using apps like Pixel Off and Pixel Filter which helps you to place a black mesh over your display. You can also select any black theme or wallpaper to save the battery of your android phone.

Turn off WiFi-Hotspot– Data Connection and others automatically

Turn off your data connection, Wi-fi, hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth automatically with help of Leandroid app. You can integrate this application to perform a certain task on locking and unlocking screen. This certainly reduces the amount of drainage of battery and extends battery life.

Adjust the Number of application running in background

Applications running in the background will drain your battery life. Always make sure that there is no application running in the background before locking your phone.

Reduce the Brightness of your Display

You can save a large amount of battery life by setting your brightness to as low as possible. Only increase it when required and return to low brightness after use. Many mobiles comes with a night mode to save battery.

Limited the number of Sync accounts on your phone

Applications like call log and emails are ever running in the background because of a constant syncing process. You can go to setting accounts to see the accounts which are in sync with your phone contacts and another service. Delete the unwanted accounts or change sync settings.

Best Android Battery Hacks To Extend Battery Life

Power Saving Mode

Most Flagship phones allow you to access only limited amount of application, lowers your brightness of the screen in power saving mode to make your battery last longer. You can try power saving mode when your phone is on standby to reduce the amount of battery drainage.

Note: Try to switch off your mobile with places with no or random service to save battery. The smart phone tends to drain a large amount of battery when it is constantly looking for GSP, WiFi or cellular signals and could not found one.

Turn Off Gestures and Vibration

Turn off gestures which use sensors of your phone to work and vibration to save battery.

Keep your Phone away From Very Hot and Very Cold

Too much heat can cause wear and tear of the battery to reduce battery life of your smart phone. Extreme cold situation increase the resistance which reduces the electric flow. In extreme cold temperatures battery takes longer to charge.

Modular batteries

You can buy modular batteries to increase lifetime of your mobile. It will also help you to increase your battery time to 2-3 times than normal.

Myth: Charging a battery on complete drainage is a myth. You can charge them anytime. The best advice is to charge them when half battery time is lost.

Conclusion: A combination of all these android battery hacks will help you to improve battery timing of your Android smart phone. It will also make you battery last longer in better shape.

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